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Orientation FAQ


How do I sign up?

  • Register here for any of the following (signups begin in May): Orientation, Lab Safety Training, and TA Training.  Your $25 fee includes three meals the day of Orientaiton, great giveaways, raffles and lots of important info!

When should I sign up by?

  • Please register by at least 1 week before Orientation begins.

Where will it be held?

  • Fall Orientation will be held in Neville Hall 001 with some activities in other places. Spring Orientation is held in STEPS 101. It is within walking distance of lower campus, but students living at Saucon Village will need to take the free Lehigh shuttle to lower campus.

What if I am an international student?

How many students will be at Orientation?

  • Our Fall Orientation will bring out a couple hundred grad students from all 4 colleges and from all over the world. We will also have Orientation Ambassadors, current grad students who are there to give you some advice and help you jump in to life at Lehigh.

Is it mandatory?

  • Graduate Student Orientation is a useful, fun, and completely optional event. However, any student who will be working in a lab as part of an Assistantship must attend the Lab Safety Training. Also, all Teaching Assistants (TA) must complete the Teacher Assistant Training. Sign up for both on the registration link above.  If you are unable to make the TA Training or you are starting in January, you can write a summary of the TA videos and submit to gradlife@lehigh.edu.

What will Orientation include?

  • Orientation will help you begin your journey at Lehigh as a graduate student by describing the many academic, technological, career-related, cultural and administrative resources that will help you on your way. You will meet new friends in social settings, as well as develop some skills to prepare you for your role as a grad student. We also offer a guided tour of campus at the end of Orientation.  in Fall, your $25 fee also includes three meals the day of Orientation, great giveaways and lots of important info!