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Packer House Closed to Events and to Non-Resident Grad Students

Dear Graduate Students,


During this unsettling time, I want to let you know that the Graduate Life Office will strive to keep you informed and support you as best we can. 

We will update our website regularly and also convey information and updates through the Weekly Buzz and our other social media sites. Please reach out if you have questions about your own individual situation and also let us know if there are questions circulating among your friends and colleagues that we can help answer. Please remember that if you can work from home, please do so. At the moment, the University is not closed and you do have access to labs and libraries, but, rest assured, you are not required to be here. We encourage direct, timely, and honest communication with advisers and PIs about all arrangements. 

We have created a FAQ page which we hope will address some of your concerns. For additional information as well as an archived list of the various emails that have been sent to you, please visit Covid-19 Graduate Page. The situation is evolving rapidly and we’ll update the information as quickly as we can.

Sadly, all Graduate Life activities for the remainder of the semester are canceled. We will not be able to hold our Appreciation Week events. We are still soliciting nominations for awards and we hope you will nominate your peers. At a later date, when things clarify and return to normal, we will find a way to properly recognize our award winners.

And, we are closing Packer House for both organized events and drop-ins for the remainder of the semester. As of Monday, March 16th, all card access will be restricted. If you need to meet with Amy or me, please contact us to make an appointment. Email us at kaha@lehigh.edu or gradlife@lehigh.edu of call the office at 610-758-4722.

Once we have made the transition to virtual operations, Amy and I are hoping to find some ways to stay connected with you online, and for you to stay connected with each other. We plan to offer film and/or book discussion groups, Women’s Exchange, and other activities possibly by using tools such as Discord and Zoom. We even hope to have an online Say it in Six gallery opening for all of our participants. Needless to say, we’d love your creative ideas for how we can bolster each other and create online social togetherness while we’re required to practice social distancing!

We are concerned for you and we care about you. Let us know if we can help.

Best wishes,

Kathleen Hutnik 
Amy McCrae