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Officers & Representatives

Executive Board

The GSS Executive Board is the governing body of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS). A group of elected officers (see below) serves the committee to ensure the proper functioning of the Graduate Student Senate and to listen to concerns brought forth by unit representatives and other graduate students to improve graduate life here at Lehigh.


The GSS Executive Board is comprised of students from multiple colleges, backgrounds, and disciplines who come together to ensure the smooth functioning and responsive governance for the student body's needs.

Unit Representatives

A Unit Representative, nominated by a Graduate Unit (see section III.B), represents their department or program at all General Assembly meetings and serves as a liaison between the GSS and their respective Units. To volunteer to represent any open unit representative position please talk to your department secretary or email ingss@lehigh.edu.

The attendance sheet of Unit Representatives at the General Assembly Meeting can be viewed here.

Club Representatives:

A Club Representative is a person (1), nominated by a GSS approved club, that represents their club at all General Assembly meetings and serves as a liaison between the GSS and their representing clubs.

Committee Representatives:
Each standing committee in the GSS is open to all General Members unless otherwise specified. The Committee Representative is encouraged to attend and participate in all committee meetings and disseminate this information to the GSS community at the General Assembly meeting.

Unit Representatives

Arts and Sciences

Environmental Policy Design

Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics

Sociology, Political Science, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies




Earth and Environmental Science

Chemistry, Biochemistry

Biology (Integrative and Molecular Biology)

American Studies, History


Educational Leadership

Teaching and Learning, Teaching, Learning, and Technology, Instructional Technology

Special Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education

School Psychology, Elementary Psychology, Secondary School Psychology, International Psychology

Counseling Psychology, Counseling and Human Services, International Counseling

Comparative and International Education, Globalization and Educational Change


Industrial and Systems Engineering, Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Biological and Chemical Engineering (Bioengineering, Biological Chemical Engineering, Chemical Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering)

Material Science and Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering

Technical Entrepreneurship, Business Administration and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Health Care Systems, Energy Systems Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wireless and Network Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, Photonics

Business and Economics

MBA (1-MBA, MBA-engineering, MBA-educational leadership), MS Management

Analytical Finance

Economics, MS Economics

Accounting and Informational Analysis

GSS Committee Members

Committee Members School
GSS Budget Committee
  • Vincent Zoutenbier <vsz211@lehigh.edu>
  • Fangfang Chen <fac314@lehigh.edu>
  • Matthew Urich <mdu214@lehigh.edu>
  • Petrina Davidson <pml314@lehigh.edu>
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering and Applied Science
  • Education
Professional Development Committee
  • Caitlin Owens <cmo312@lehigh.edu>
  • Forough Mahmoudabadi <fom211@lehigh.edu>
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering and Applied Science
  • Education
Graduate and Research Committee
  • Philip Weiser <pmw212@lehigh.edu>
  • Frank Artmont <faa212@lehigh.edu>
Educational Policy Committee for the Undergraduates
  • Nick Ungson <ndu213@lehigh.edu>
University Committee on Discipline
  • Donghua Shen <dos414@lehigh.edu>
  • Nick Ungson <ndu213@lehigh.edu>
Lehigh Environmental Advisory Group (LEAG)
  • Philip Weiser <pmw212@lehigh.edu>
  • James Carrigan <jhc312@lehigh.edu>
Faculty Committee on Student Life
  • Donghua Shen <dos414@lehigh.edu>
Printing/Green Committee
  • Mike German <msg210@lehigh.edu>
Bookstore Committee
  • James Carrigan <jhc312@lehigh.edu>
Lehigh Sesquicentennial Committee
  • Rachel Engl <rae210@lehigh.edu>
  • Golnaz Shahidi <sgs310@lehigh.edu>
  • One Open Position
Transportation Sustainability Committee
  • Vincent Zoutenbier <vsz211@lehigh.edu>
Leadership Awards Committee
  • One Open Position
Faculty Committee on Global Affairs
  • Xuelei Yuan <xuy215@lehigh.edu>
Facilities Planning Committee
  • Matthew Urich <mdu214@lehigh.edu>
Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Basel Alnajjab (Co-chair) <bra212@lehigh.edu>
  • Gorgi Pavlov (Co-chair) <gop214@lehigh.edu>
  • Keith Veenhuizen <kjv212@lehigh.edu>
  • Erin Karahuta <elk312@lehigh.edu>
  • Golnaz Shahidi <sgs310@lehigh.edu>
  • Cecilia Lesomar <crl314@lehigh.edu>
  • Forough Mahmoudabadi <fom211@lehigh.edu>
  • Jade Deng <yud413@lehigh.edu>