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The Following are the Candidates for the 2017-2018 Eboard! Good Luck!


President: Nick Ungson <ndu213@lehigh.edu>

I am currently a 4th year doctoral student studying the social psychology of group cooperation and trust in the Psychology Department and I am running for the position of GSS President. I’ve served as Travel Grants Officer for the past two years and have learned a tremendous amount, both about the workings of GSS and of Lehigh University as a whole. I have developed good relationships with faculty members and administrators outside of my department, which will be extremely helpful as I promote our interests to the wider University community.

I’m a good communicator – having also served as Communications Officer at two previous universities – and I am well-suited to advocating for our unique interests as graduate students, which are similar to but certainly different from undergraduates’. As President, I would work to make sure that the University provides us with the proper resources to do our best work and I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving my fellow graduate students next year.


Vice President: Elyse Stevens <els616@lehigh.edu>

I am a first year graduate student with the Healthcare Systems Engineering department. I am from Bristol, PA in lower Bucks County, about an hour southeast of Bethlehem. I went to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh for my undergrad and received my Physics degree with minors in Biology, Biochemistry, and Mathematics. My favorite activities are volunteering, nature seeking and travelling, and hanging out with my friends and family. My career goal is to work as a surgeon, and also serve on hospital administration. I want to open up clinics in underserved areas. I am passionate about people, advocating for them and their opportunities to live the best possible life.


I have been consistently involved with graduate life this year and I enjoy being an active member in GSS. I enjoy seeing and helping changes happen from the side of an active member. Now I want to grow with the challenge and the opportunity to help make executive decisions through representing the graduate student body. I want to help create opportunities for graduate students so they have the best experience possible, like GSS has for me. My strengths shine when I serve in leadership positions, and I enjoy taking them on because of the large scale change possible for people involved in your group. My favorite thing about working behind the scenes of a club on something like the exec board is the ability to work with a team of people who want the similar goal of helping the group at large. I enjoy working with a platform that is able to hear group members and then do something about it with that willing and driven team. This past year I served as a GSS senator, served on my department HSE Leadership Council executive board, and served as my department program ambassador doing program outreach and marketing. Especially with my recent experience at Lehigh, I feel confident to do the work it takes with the team to serve graduate students. In my recent past I served for three years in student life, and I commonly spoke with school administration members, coordinated with other university groups, and set an example for others. I understand the necessity of communication in making a club successful, and I am not afraid to ask for help and learn from others openly. I also served as the service coordinator for Duquesne’s largest service club (Circle K, Kiwanis Intl’) where my job was not only creating projects with community and state wide foundations, but communicating with the club members what they wanted to see change in the club and delegating projects to them. All in all I believe I have the skillset to serve on e-board but more importantly I love the experience I have had with GSS and I want to begin a new relationship by serving on e-board.


I believe that I would best fit in the role of Vice-President. I am best at engaging with others, listening to their needs and opinions, and vocalizing from there on as well as speaking respectfully and directly to others. I am great at supporting people, I am dependable, and I am self-assured. Through my growth on the e-board and learning more about the e-board culture and duties, I am confident and I know that I have the support I need to delegate presidential action when it is needed. As a current club executive for the past school year, I understand what support a club may need from their department if applicable, GSS, GLO, and the university as a whole.



Soner Cinoglu <isc214@lehigh.edu>

I am a PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. I am in my 3rd year and will be a PhD candidate soon. I would like to serve in the GSS E-Board mainly because I greatly appreciate the great work past GSS E-Boards have done for graduate students. This motivates me to take this opportunity to help other graduate students before I complete my PhD. I am running for the Treasurer position. I have been serving in a graduate student club as vice president and treasurer for the past 2 years. I work very organized and have a strong sense of equality. I believe these characteristics will help me deliver an efficient and fair service in the GSS E-Board.


Secretary: Iiona Scully <ids214@lehigh.edu>

My name is Iiona Scully and I am a 3rd year PhD student in  the Psychology Department. I am currently running for the position of secretary. Over my the past three years at Lehigh, I have been seeking ways to get involved in my department, as well as in graduate life. I have represented Lehigh both on and off campus. As part of my efforts to connect Lehigh to the outside community I currently serve as the Lehigh University Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus Representative. Additionally, I was just elected to serve on the E-Board as the Membership and Volunteers Officer for this organization. Over the past two years I served as the Representative to the Graduate Committee in my department, and for the last year, I served as a member on the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Advisory committee. My most recent appointment to the CAS Graduate Advisory Committee has drawn me to become more involved with graduate student life outside of the psychology department. I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for the position. I am a motivated, detail-oriented, organized, and I have a passion for administrative work. I look forward to the opportunity of supporting other graduate students and affecting positive change in the graduate student community.


Communications Officer: Caitlin Lindley <cal416@lehigh.edu>

My name is Caitlin Lindley and I am currently a first year Ph.D. student in the psychology department. I am running for communications officer on the graduate student senate for the 2017-2018 academic year. I’ve chosen to run for an executive board position because I highly value student leadership, and I know that being a part of GSS will allow me to play an important role in promoting graduate student empowerment as well as acting as a liaison between the students and the faculty. As an undergraduate, I spent two years working as a resident advisor, where I learned the valuable skills of organization and clarity of communication. In this position, I also developed the ability to disseminate information both efficiently and effectively. Additionally, I was selected to be a student member and the secretary of a committee of faculty tasked with making amendments to campus policy and alterations to the student handbook. My experience in communicating with my residents and with professors, deans, and members of the campus administration in my previous roles will allow me to be a successful communications officer for GSS.


Travel Grant Officer:

Wyntre Stout <was214@lehigh.edu>

I am a third-year doctoral student studying developmental psychology and, more specifically, the developmental progression of the ways in which we understand other people. This past year I served as the GSS Secretary. I gained valuable experience from my work in this capacity and would like to continue to serve on the GSS Eboard. I want to broaden my experience so I am running for the Travel Grants Officer position this year. In this role I believe I will be able to contribute to the graduate student body by using my strong organizational skills and ability to effectively manage projects. I enjoy structuring and overseeing processes to ensure that they are running efficiently and I would look forward to serving as Travel Grants Officer.


Audree Chase-Mayoral <amc308@lehigh.edu>

As Associate Director of the Global Online Graduate Degrees and Training Office at Lehigh University’s College of Education, and nominee for the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Travel Grants Officer, I bring extensive experience working in international education at higher educational institutions and associations. Currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, I have a M.Ed. in Globalization and Educational Change, Lehigh University, and a B.A. in Russian/Soviet Studies & Russian Language, Dickinson College. I co-authored and edited numerous publications including, The Global Rise of the U.S. Community College, and Community Colleges Worldwide:  Investigating the Global Phenomenon. As a past recipient of a GSS Travel Grant, and having traveled extensively for my professional career, academic research, and personal adventures, I believe I present a strong candidate for the GSS Travel Grants Officer. The importance of graduate students possessing a global perspective as they conduct their research and academic pursuits cannot be underestimated. Travel affords new perspectives, experiences, and challenges that changes lives and opens minds. Additionally, traveling to an unfamiliar location makes one understand the context of his or her own life in a richer, more comprehensive way. Serving as the Travel Grants Officer on the GSS Eboard presents an excellent opportunity for me to learn and contribute to the work of the GSS, assume an important leadership role within the university at large, and build my own professional, academic, and personal connections. I sincerely appreciate being nominated for this position, and I thank you for considering my candidacy.



Watch out for an application early next semester!