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Travel Grant

The purpose of the Travel Grant Program shall be to assist graduate students in attending professional conferences. The Program is intended to cover expenses that graduate students would otherwise be forced to pay out-of-pocket. It is intended to supplement existing funds, not to supersede them.
  • Please note that travel grant reimbursments forms and receipts must be turned in with 30 days of the end of the conference.  No exceptions can be made, as the GSS re-releases the unused money to other grad students traveling to conferences.
  •  Travel Grant Application
    • Includes Archive Visits and Case Competitions
    • Abstract no longer need to be submitted for travel grant application
    • Presenters may receive a maximum of $150 & Non-presenters may receive a maximum of $75
    • Students are limited to a maximum of $225 worth of funding for each academic year

Each unit must attend 75% of academic year meetings to be eligible for Travel Grants. Eligibility is based on the attendance of the GSS assembly meetings for the prior academic year. It was decided that students from the departments listed below are eligible to apply for travel grants.


List of departments eligible for Travel Grant application




Arts and Sciences

American Studies, History

Biology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Integrative Biology, Molecular

Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics



Business and Economics

MBA (1-MBA, MBA-Engineering, MBA-Ed Leadership), MS Management


Biological and Chemical Engineering (Bioengineering, Biological Chemical Engineering, Chemical Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering.)

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering

Healthcare Systems, Energy Systems Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering

Technical Entrepreneurship, Business Admin and Eng, Management Sci and Eng

Education Comparative and International Education, Gloablization and Educational Change
Counseling Psychology, Counseling and Human Services, International Counseling
Educational Leadership
School Psych, Elementary Psych, Secondary School Psych, International Psych
Special Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education
Teaching and Learning, Learning Sciences and Tech, Instructional Tech