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Faculty Name: Corinne Post,

Department: Management

Description of Assistance required:

The task involves (i) summarizing 12-15 research articles (ii) downloading and organizing publicly available documents from pre-determined websites; (iii) identifying specific passages in the documents and converting them into individual word documents; (iv) ensuring converted documents are in all text and organize documents systematically for analysis.

Task to begin in the summer of 2016 for completion during the fall 2016 semester.

Skills, Abilities and Other Requirements:

For this task, it is essential to be able to download PDF files and convert parts thereof into word documents. Additionally, one of the tasks requires ease with reading, understanding and summarizing scientific articles. Conscientiousness is a must as the documents needs to be checked for usability, numbered and organized in an easily retrievable and understandable way. Intellectual curiosity a plus, especially around language, gender, and leadership issues.



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